The Challenges of Tomorrow, Creatively Met Today:

During a recent innovations in photography seminar, a leading media analyst remarked in her presentation that “A distinctly defined emotive photograph will always influence and persuade the viewer.” However, while expounding on the transformative paradigm shifts occurring in next generation imaging, she went on to caution that “The competitiveness for attention is far more intense than ever before, such that our deep-rooted mission-centric challenge has now been even further intensified." Adding that “In order to survive the increasingly existential threat of greater competition to attract and hold attention, now demands that photographers be invigorated to consider the full optic presentation, to anticipate cross-media interconnection, as well as to envisage beyond the standard pictorial box.” She emphatically pronounced that “In the new normal, the traditional approach to photography has bitten the proverbial dust!”

We fully recognize that this problematical reality requires nothing short of the full scale mobilization of a profoundly motivated and eminently ambitious approach. Only through a preemptive spearheading of the rigorous utilization of next generational synergistic photographic methodology, enhanced to construct proactive-reactive engaging environments, which have been both cyber-customized and multi-mission-optimized, will it be possible to facilitate a substantial enough raising of the bar, to simultaneously meet the contemporary requirements for projecting clearly through the cluttered bandwidth noise of postmodern reality, while jointly achieving the specific attention targeting precision, now absolutely mandatory for realizing intended results.

Targeted Photographic Artwork:

In the rigors of this new era, even experienced media experts falter, frequently continuing to rely on outdated and counterproductive image portfolio development strategies, senselessly encumbered by entirely unnecessary and wholly unjustifiable functional constraints. At the end of the day, the inevitable result is uncoordinated imaging aggregations, altogether lacking in the transformative visual impact levels so absolutely imperative for genuine success within today’s rapid non-linear environment. Deftly insuring that such a failure does not occur, urgently requires the assertive deployment of 360-degree thinking in efficaciously establishing guiding principles and actionable items. These must be implemented with an ambitious flexing of creative muscle to wholly integrate, from the ground up, the many complex moving parts required for meeting world-class visual communication needs. Only photographic technologists with forward-looking, multivalent skill sets will be able to decisively establish a viable pathway towards the revolutionary big picture of future achievement, while simultaneously engendering the beneficial gearing up of a cohesive working relationship. From pre-planing forward, multidisciplinary consultancy ensures quality interpersonal relationships, leading to a rapid development of both positive oversight, and of high-level thought exchanges, collectively facilitating the reliable framing of an ongoing constructive customer dialogue, fine-tuned to inevitably ensure a maximally productive experience. We establish dynamic partnerships that are uniquely transformative and adaptive within an enterprising and stimulating customer centric environment, able to create powerful, contextual, transactional photographic images, both attuned to the customer, and correlated with today’s profoundly evolving and intensely challenging visual landscape.

Stand Out Through Photography:

Constructive competency resides in having a substantive and functional photographic system which transforms intangible ideas into tangible images. Our program is a multi-faceted game-changer, wherein the intuitive power of photography explicitly delivers a defined path towards a pragmatic and harmonic integration with modern communication systems. This seamless relationship can be summed up in a single word: fully-comprehensive. Actionable services must be developed through a program that delivers through meaningful oversight, able to move boldly forward by dynamically composing truly compelling images absolutely aligned with your underlying goals. Yet, what does "compelling" really mean?

What it definitively means is that you should never be deceived into thinking that just having good looking photographs is enough to produce anywhere near optimal results. At a minimum you must have a collaborative operation able to continuously deploy forcefully persuasive and aggressively powerful cross-media photographic elements, that are able to unleash precisely targeted visceral reactions. This response needs to be objectively corroborated through the precise cognizant collection of asynchronous impact assessment feedback, such that your images are actually confirmed to first obtain, and then affect desirable viewer attention in an efficient and streamlined manner. This gives you a massively outstanding advantage, especially within the daunting perspective of today's high competition information multi-sphere!

Strategically & Tactically Operable Imagery:

It is imperative to recognize that anytime the pathway to a given goal is not entirely straightforward, a clearly structured strategy for reaching that goal is essential, and that without vital support from integrated tactical elements, you remain solely dependent on the vagaries of pure luck in implementing any strategy for reaching your goals. Our developmental methodology for creating both strategically operable and tactically implementable photographics, precision orchestrated to maximize your ability to communicate coherently, will truly empower you to achieve your desired results. This meticulously and uniquely conceived evolutionary cognitive system of photography is able to provide an unparalleled multi-dimensional aesthetic, sensibly mixed with a superb functionality of messaging, all invariably conducted within the context of a collaborative partnership, iteratively based on high productivity cooperation. This expedites the consistent construction of an essential arsenal of relevant, cognitively choreographed, powerful and memorable pictorial messages. Deploying the most pertinent ones, presented specifically to meet the current situation, enables the integrated dissemination of potent tactical elements to coercively facilitate the achievement of your larger strategic goals.

Tools, Technology & Knowhow:

The key factor in modern commerce can be summed up in one word: visuals. As next-generation multi-media becomes increasingly image driven, ask yourself… are you empowered with a viable forward-thinking plan of action to remain relevant and evolve visually? A valid systemic agenda requires not only exceptional image quality with targeted response accuracy, but also affirmative administration practices that include effective proof through informatic feedback. Rigorously extending the implementation of our reconfigurable visioning process, automatically delivers an innate ability to aggregate our capabilities for producing high value imaging, together with our ever increasing ability to rapidly adapt and realign as required.

The diligent implementation of a viable masterplan involves both devising and delivering images rigorously attuned to a client's specific requirements. It used to be that best-of-breed photographic solutions engaged the viewer through normative visual images, often using stock photos and increasingly smartphone photos. However, media savvy millennials, as well as most other viewers, are able to see right through such simplistic approaches. Never insult your viewer’s intelligence (even if they don’t have any.) Now, by leveraging the power of modern technologies together with the potency of validated methodologies, we have produced intensive innovations in hyper-optimized image structuring techniques, astutely enabling rapid response to granular changes in ubiquity inevitably occurring across targeted audiences, thus making it exceptionally practical to accurately define strategically sophisticated imagery, together with planing for its precision deployment, so that it will proliferate more rapidly, engage more readily, induce desirable reactions more effectively, and strengthen and prioritize messaging goals more dependably.

Are you bold enough to activate a judiciously masterminded, tightly interlinked photographic plan, anchored in a targeted multidisciplinary approach, then scripted and executed with a synergetic cohesive veracity? Well? It’s high-tide, so make up your mind. Either fish, cut bait, or go ashore… Deep water challenges demand deep diving solutions. It is not convoluted to understand that when you expedite vertically, then you empower compellingly. Only through the sound virtues of forward-looking, enterprising, adaptive and ambitious goal oriented practices, able to deliver substantive visuals into the loop with a resolute confidence, soundly based on the guiding knowledge of empirical indicators for exacting image development and deployment, that you can be sure your intended viewer will unquestionably be called into reaction through a near zero-defect generation of impactful, integrated, and precision targeted photographic images. Our guiding principles of industry best practices, with extensible customer relations, and results-oriented methodology, will always enable a solutions-oriented, open-ended path to virtually unlimited success.

Deploying actionable strategies for leveraging all available assets and incentivizing high-powered solutions while continuously maintaining an exceptionally high level of accountability, makes it eminently practical to evolve a fertile portfolio of win-win photographs, able to add top line value and bottom line growth to your program’s entire ecosystem. This is truly amazing stuff! I honestly wish I knew what all this actually means, because it sure sounds utterly fantastic. But, In actuality I’m a fairly busy experienced photographer and videographer, still receptive to taking on projects that are interesting and/or challenging. From family portraits, architectural and product photography, to documentary films, I have the equipment, the skills and the know how to deliver high quality results in a timely manner. I’ll always be realistic and honest about my abilities. Let me know what you need & I’ll let you know what I can do for you, straight and to the point. I’d also be happy to write a creatively contrived long-winded proposal if you like. Or maybe not...

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